About Us

L.I.T. (Living In Truth) a small business here for all your Sterling Silver needs while promoting Love, Hope, Faith & Inspiration.

Our Vision:
In the heart of our faith-based sterling silver jewelry company's vision lies a commitment to journey alongside you as you navigate life's intricate paths. Through our creations, we seek to accompany you on your quest for faith, offering beacons of hope in times of darkness, infusing your days with sparks of inspiration, and wrapping you in the embrace of boundless love. Our jewelry becomes more than an embellishment; it becomes a treasured companion on your spiritual journey, resonating with the echoes of faith, hope, inspiration, and love.

 Our Mission: 

At L.I.T Jewelry Collection, we recognize that each individual is called to a unique and purposeful journey rooted in faith and spiritually. Our elegant pieces of inspiration serve as reminders of inherent strength, encouraging them to embrace their distinctiveness and aspire the best versions of themselves. We are driven by the belief that true luxury lies in the exquisite ability to touch hearts and empower the spirit. Our commitment to providing high-quality jewelry at affordable pricing ensures that the transformative power of our creations reaches a wide and diverse audience 

Thank you for allowing  L.I.T. to put a little Sparkle in your day

Contact Information:
Tiffani Ewing
Email: sheislit1118@gmail.com
Address: P.O. Box 2550 Clovis, Ca 93613
Phone No. 559.213.2922